Taille, Cuisses, Abdos, Fessiers

“Legs or thighs, bums & tums” muscular and core strength and toning for bums.

Body Pump

Class with dumbbells for muscular strength, toning of all the major muscle groups, through repetition leaving you lean and strong.

Body combat

Cardio courses extremely letting steam off which takes as a starting point of the martial arts, draws from disciplines as varied as karate, boxing, taekwondo, the tai chi and the muay thai.

Combat Training

Cardio courses centered on the improvement of the techniques of fight in the form of circuit and workshop.

Circuit Training

Very complete course which consists in realizing several exercises one after the other with very little recovery between each workshop. This kind of training improves the force and the endurance.

cross-training-outdoor au Larvotto Gym Center à Monaco

Cross training outdoor

Courses which combines a sequence of mouvements of several outdoor exercices. Work on the cardiovascular, the respiratory and the muscular endurances, also strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, psychomotricity, balance and precision.

Body Sculpt

Class of reinforcement & muscular toning up all the body with small equipment.


Cardio class choreographed, movements coordination concentration & endurance which gives you energy and mood enhancing and stamina builder.

maxi-gym au Larvotto

Maxi Gym

360° class combining cardio, toning of all the body, stretching & teacher’s own input… according to the mood of the instructor.

power-ball au Larvotto

Power Ball

Muscular course of toning up with small equipment while working with a swiss ball to work in-depth core abdominal strength.

cours de spinning au Larvotto Gym Center5


Group cycling class simulating a road cycling course to the rhythm of an upbeat music.

bike-abdos au Larvotto

Bike Abdos Cuisses

Courses divided into several phases with a cardio part with the bike, a part of strengthening of the abdominal muscles and a part of muscular strengthening of the bottom of the body.


Muscular stretching, improvement of the flexibility, articular mobility, reduction in the stress.

work-training au Larvotto

Work Training

Courses on the techniques of posture, balance, breath and muscular strengthening.

Yoga Fusion Pilates, Mind-Body Workout

Class combining yoga, tai chi and pilates, controled breathing, concentration and a structured series of stretching, movements and postures.